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The fourth industrial revolution popularly abbreviated as 4IR has been a topic of hot discussion, analysis and scrutiny. From small businesses to huge tech giants, all stakeholders are somehow trying to gain momentum in the age of data, automation and AI. Every major industry ranging from retail to healthcare is now becoming increasingly data-driven across all of their verticals including marketing and operations. And clearly, this has led to a paradigm shift in the skill-set required to be employable.

Wadia Ait Hamza, head of the Global Shapers at the World Economic Forum went on to say “If [business is] not…

How to end a commitment or stage of life well

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” ~ Lao Tzu

Our temper can walk all over our characters. You may know what it’s like to have “had enough” and stormed out. Whether it is a romantic relationship, a family arrangement, a job, or a friend living with you for a while, you might know what it is like to end things badly.

Painful endings should lead you to explore how to end things well because some things do come to an end.

Processing the pain

If we part ways amicably, we generally have a good chance to start processing the pain while…

Draw boundaries and draw on community support

“We will need community support to keep operating.” ~ Alex Wheeler

Most people don’t go around stealing things from other people, or forcing others to give them their things. Yet it seems that people go around trying to steal other people’s energy by forcing them into doing things they don’t want to do. This is often done because people are not okay — they are suffering, which is sad. And they are desperately trying to get someone else to give them their time and energy to make them feel better.

Of course, we need each other, and we need to…

As the great psychologist Carl Jung observes, a culture uses mythology as a medium to pass wisdom from one generation to the next generation. The great Indian epic Ramayana is a medium in the Aryan-Vedic civilization to pass the morality, knowledge, and virtues to the upcoming generations. In the scripture, we find Rama and his companions as the followers of truth, and on the other hand, Ravana and his companions as the antagonists, who chose the evil over truth. But surprisingly, we find the character of Bibhisan or Bivishana, the younger brother of Ravana, who chose the path of truth…

Raise your awareness and arise out of toxic situations

“There is love in holding…And there is love in letting go.” ~ Elizabeth Berg

Much of our peace in life depends on a healthy sense of when to hold on, and when to let go. When one is stuck in an unconscious pattern involving a toxic relationship, it can be hard to sense when it is time to let go. Here we share insight on having to let go of toxic relationships.

Like most addictive situations, toxic relationships come wrapped up in something quite appealing. Bad situations often seem like they are good. But when unhealthy behavior becomes a pattern…

The spiritual realm is like an ever-shifting map, with an infinite number of paths that can lead us either towards or away from, our divine destinies. Every choice we make affects the paths that are revealed to us in physical reality. When we are in alignment with our higher selves, we are guided towards our sacred soul purpose via a series of synchronicities. However, regardless of our pure intentions, there are certain points on the spiritual map that are fated to redirect our souls. …

The Theory of Everything (TOE) is the best hypothesis we have to explain how the Universe works from a scientific perspective. The theory combines several other theories such as the theory of relativity, unified theory, quantum mechanics, and more. TOE is thought of as an ultimate theory that offers a single framework, explaining how the physical aspects of the Universe are all connected at a subatomic level. The Theory of Everything is rooted in String Theory, which proposes that every fundamental particle takes the form of a microscopic string shape.

This means that on a subatomic level everything and everyone…

Mindful eating is a form of conscious awareness that goes beyond the experience of eating, including the well-being of the body, mind, and soul. This means that the choices we make about what to eat (and how much) have physical, mental, and emotional consequences. There are also social and environmental implications of eating that fall under the decision-making aspect of mindful eating.

In the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, “When practiced to its fullest, mindful eating turns a simple meal into a spiritual experience, giving us a deep appreciation of all that went into the meal’s creation as well as…

How to choose the decision that is right for you

“That’s not right. That’s not even wrong.” ~ Wolfgang Pauli

It’s one thing to have to choose between right and wrong. But what about when you are faced with two right options to choose from? This may seem like a nice problem to have, but it can be one of our greatest challenges. When there is no wrong answer, we can doubt whether we did the right thing and end up regretting either choice. It can all sound so easy conceptually, but when it is a real-life decision involving your life, the stakes seem high and it’s not simple.

We seem to be co-creators — this attitude can take the pressure off us.


Exploring why it is important to be comfortable and at ease with yourself

“People usually are the happiest at home.” ~ William Shakespeare

If you look at your inner self and ask, “Am I feeling at home here, in this body, in this life journey?” what would your answer be? If it is not our job to take care of our inner selves and give ourselves the space, safety, and care that we need, then whose job is it?

Home sweet home

You know the common phrase, “home sweet home”? What does home mean on a deeper level, and why is there no place like home? Is there a place within you that gives you a…


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